Business Education for Rural Entrepreneurs

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What our members and workshop attendees are saying:

Tremendous Influence

Small Town Hub is AMAZING!!

Kara knows her stuff, and she’s sincerely dedicated to supporting the small home town businesses she’s involved with. Her professional services in marketing are top notch. She has been a tremendous influence in a successful rebranding for my small business.


  • Lana Arthur
    Owner – Patio Diner

Excellent Course

“Excellent course!

I learned a lot. I learned more than I hoped for. It was great.”
  • Murice Miller
    Moab Mall

On the Right Track

“Small Town Hub does an amazing job: websites, marketing, and getting a new business on the right track!”


  • Tamy Jaramillo
    Yak’s Cafe 

Great Exercises!

“I loved the content. I learned more than I had hoped. Great exercises!


We moved quickly to cover all the material”


  • Hayley Olsen 
    Heath & Soil

Loved It!

“Yes! Loved it! Learned more than I thought that I would; things that I didn’t know that I needed.”


  • Candance Davis
    Blue Mountain Horsehead Inn 

Great Content

“Great content. I wish I would have brought other people with me.

I really enjoyed seeing what other companies are doing out there.”


  • Thanye Waters
    Hermanos Taco Company 

Want More

“I thought it was well paced, I learned things and want even more courses.”


  • Mallory Burton
    Canyonlands by Night

How It Works



It seems backward, that the places and people who could use the business help and education the most, seem to be the ones that have to spend the most money and time, just to access the same training.

So, we are bringing the training to you – our fellow small town business owners. You are vital to your communities and we want to you to thrive.

Business Evaluation

Our Thrive Program starts with a thorough business evaluation to help you identify the strongest and the weakest points in your business.


The Thrive Cycle’s, easy-to-follow, learn-from-anywhere, education system starts in your weakest area. After you master that area you work your way through the rest of the cycle.


We are creating a community of small town business owners: with resources ranging from Facebook ad experts and one-on-one coaching to a Facebook brainstorming group.

The six thrive cycle areas

Loyalty & Brand


  • Four easy steps to creating a company that people remember and care about
  • Create a map of consumers’ natural tendencies to direct them to your business

  • Discover the monetary value of a single, great customer



  • Identify where you are wasting money and where you should be spending more

  • Discover your favorite and most valuable clients and create a strategy to fill your business with them

  • Create your step-by-step and intentional marketing road map – no more guess work

Online Presence

  • Three part evaluation of social media platforms to determine if your business needs to be there
  • Seven tips and tricks to social media posts that increase engagement
  • Online Presence template bundle to save you hours

Online Sales


  • E-Commerce checklist
  • Step-by-step guide to getting on Amazon quickly and with confidence
  • Learn from our ad expert how to create your professional road map to social media ads



  • The ultimate guide to training rock star employees in one week
  • Five steps to letting others run your business for you, and run it better than you
  • When To Hire Guide, and three things to do first


  • Five contracts & templates to make sure your collaborations go as outlined
  • Collaboration checklist & formula shows you when to collaborate and when to pass
  • A step-by-step guide to creating collaborations that pay off

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

We believe in small towns. And we believe in the businesses that make them who they are. They make it possible for people, like us, to live in the middle of nowhere. We want you to succeed.

So, if you start your Thrive Cycle and you decide it isn’t for you, that is okay. We have a 30 day, money back guarantee. We want you to succeed, even if that isn’t with us.

“I learned valuable things that I couldn’t figure out on my own. I feel more confident. Excellent… I would/did recommend.”

Resford Rouzer

Canyonlands Field Institute

“[They] did well! I do not have any colleagues but, I would recommend this course to any business owner.”

Marie Collicutt

Manna Floral Design

“Very well organized and professional. I would recommend. I learned more than I planned. Fast paced and very proficient.”

Anthony Hodge

Retro Inn - Mesa Verde

We are in this together


You can go it alone. You can slip, and fall, and get back up, and learn from your own mistakes.

But, you don’t have to.

You can learn from ours and have the support of our wonderful community to keep you from falling.

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