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Get started on your business education now. See where your business is struggling and where you need to focus your limited time.

How it Works

Step One: Set Business Baseline

Take the Business Baseline Quiz. This is, well, a baseline for where your business started. It asks, your income, how much time you are working, how satisfied you are with business etc. This portion of the quiz gives you a standard to look back on and see your progress.

Step Two: Thrive Cycle

There is a quiz for each area of the Thrive Cycle. Take each quiz, they will score you from 10-40.

Step Three: Results

Your quiz results will automatically be displayed below so you can easily see where your strengths and weaknesses lie. Compare results to help decide where you should begin within the Thrive Cycle. Please note, if we have a high volume of tests it can take 1-2 hours to see results.

Set Your Business Baseline

“I love having the Business Baseline to compare our business to. It shows us how far we have really come. Thank you!” Katherine Peterson

Family Retreats

Thrive Cycle Areas

Brand & Loyalty


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Online Presence

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Online Sales

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Get Learning

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Extra Resources

Looking for a specific resource? Check out our suggested reading, stop by our Facebook group, or download a worksheet.
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