Emily Laws: Web Design, Humor, Harry Potter

(But probably not in that order)

Small Town Hub, Emily Laws and her love of Harry Potter, Woman surrounded by Harry Potter books

It is about time that we started introducing our amazing team. We typically don’t introduce people until they have been working with us for a while. It gets awkward when everyone loves your team members and then you get to say, “Yeah… they don’t work here anymore.” It is a bit like an uncomfortable breakup.

Small Town Hub team brag

But, Emily has been with us almost since the beginning and it is about time we tell everyone a little bit more about her. She deserves more than just a Facebook brag.

Web Design

Emily is one of the coolest and funniest web designers you will ever meet. She is talented, she is creative, and she is awesome to work with

Emily is our main web designer, even more so now that Kara will be traveling so often to train other businesses. We threw Emily into web design with a bunch of videos and general “good luck”. And she has been killing it. She is more creative than our management, makes the stupid things we suggest look like gold, and is always ready for a challenge.

Harry Potter

Harry Potter is Emily’s, not-so-secret love. Emily is a Harry Potter fanatic, as everyone should be. She has dressed as a snitch, dressed her child as Harry Potter, and gave us sideline commentary on a hilarious real-life Quidditch match (some people take magic hysterically too far and the opportunity was too good for someone like Emily to pass up).

Emily is funny, she is clever, she is awesome, she takes adorable photos of the things in her life (like the sunflowers she grew herself), and we are grateful to have her around.

Sunflower with bee on the petals, adorable sunflower


If you know Emily and see her around, make sure you tell her she is amazing. But, not in a creepy way, don’t be creepy. Be cool people, be cool. 


Make sure you check out some
of her outstanding work:
Patio Diner
Sara NM Photo 


Emily and Small Town Hub 

Also, if you need Emily to fix a website, you can fill out the form below and we will see what we can do. She is a couple of websites deep right now but, we can pull some strings and get you on a list. 😉

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