Facebook does not care about your business and what you can do about it. Your business is not Facebook’s target market and they don’t care that much about you. They just don’t. 


Facebook’s Target Market

When I teach this live, “Facebook does not care about your business” there is typically someone who interjects their indignation right about here, “But, that is how Facebook makes money. Facebook can’t survive without businesses. You’re wrong. Facebook cares about my business.” 

I always want to make the class meditate together, chanting the mantra “Facebook does not care about my business and that is okay. Facebook does not care about my business and that is okay.”

Sure, Facebook makes its money from ads run by businesses from all over the world. It doesn’t mean that they care about your business. It doesn’t change the fact that you, a business owner, are not Facebook’s target market. 

The purpose of Facebook is to connect people with people. Those people are Facebook’s target market because, without those billions of users, Facebook has nothing. That is what Facebook cares about those people, not your business. Period. Learn from it, embrace it.

Facebook and small business, Tips for using Facebook as a business, Facebook doesn't care about your business, Facebook is for relationships


People Don’t Care About Your Crap

Facebook is well aware that its users don’t come to Facebook to be sold to.

People come to Facebook to stay connected to the people that they love – and hate. To put it simply, Facebook was created for relationships.

The Facebook mission statement is: “To give people the power to build communities and bring the world closer together. People use Facebook to stay connected with friends and family, to discover what’s going on in the world, and to share and express what matters to them.”

Did you notice anything missing from that statement? It doesn’t mention businesses anywhere. You are a by-product of Facebook’s massive audience. Facebook will continue to exist with or without you.

So, what do you do about it?

You know that Facebook has a huge audience. You know (hopefully) that your ideal client is on Facebook. But now, you also know that Facebook doesn’t care about you and your posts don’t reach the same audience that they once did.


Facebook Evolution

three for free, three free workshops for rural business ownersWhen Facebook first started to grow, you could add a business page and post like crazy. Your posts would show up, in chronological order, on your follower’s pages. If you posted 12 times in a day, your followers would see all 12 posts.

As time went on, Facebook’s team realized that that wasn’t great for user experience, remember they don’t care about your business, they can about users. So, they started to sort and organize and filter posts.

This was created to improve the user experience. Essentially, it was cutting down on spam. And while the ability to reduce and limit advertisements was good for general users, it has been rough on businesses.

Businesses have gotten very used to the free marketing that social media offers and to some, being forced to pay to be seen is abhorrent.

But here is the truth, that is how it works.

Facebook and small business, Tips for using Facebook as a business, Facebook doesn't care about your business, Facebook is for relationships, without viewership they have nothing


Think about TV and movies. Their target market is not their advertisers. Their target market is their viewers. As their viewership goes up, so do their ad sales.

In 2019 the Super Bowl charged $5.25 Million for a 30-second ad to air in their Rams vs Patriots game. Why can they do that? Because the Super Bowl has the viewers. Advertisers know that they can speak to close to 100 million people in one shot. And if they know their target market fills most of that 100 million they know they are able to reach directly into the living rooms of their people and that is huge.

But, the only way that advertising will continue to pay for those ad slots is by the Super Bowl continuing to reach massive audiences. This is why the Super Bowl’s target market it not it’s advertisers. Yes, their advertisers are important but, without the right viewership, they lose everything.

It is the same with Facebook. If Facebook stops innovating, destroys the customer experience, and loses their customer base – they lose their advertising businesses as well.


Now What: Connect

In order to make Facebook beneficial for your business, you have to use it the way that it was intended. Facebook is for relationships.

Facebook and small business, Tips for using Facebook as a business, Facebook doesn't care about your business, Facebook is for relationships

This is the inhaling part of meditation, “Facebook is for relationships” Exhale. “Facebook doesn’t care about my business.” Inhale. “Facebook is for relationships.”

Facebook is not for you to sell your crap. Nobody cares about your crap. Nobody cares about my crap.

But, people do care about finding a cause that matters to them. They do care about entertainment. They care about connecting with people, connecting with companies that are doing something, they care about being heard. For that reason, that is how you play the Facebook game.

Stop everything you are doing right now and learn how to connect with your audience.

What hurts them? What drives them? What do they care about?

Stop asking random questions that you hope might drive engagement and create relationships. Share a part of your soul. Teach them about what your company is doing that is different, that matters, that entertains, that solves a problem.

Why is your company worth following? Why do you love your company? Now share that, talk about it, and build a relationship that leads to sales.

I have ads running on Facebook. They are only doing okay because I currently running those to a cold audience. That means that I have no relationship with the people that my ads are reaching. They don’t care about me. Because I am just another business trying to sell them crap.

But, as I turn a spark of interest, a curiosity, a yearning to learn more, into a follower, I have a chance to build a relationship. And then, from that relationship, I am 71% more likely to make a sale than if I just keep trying to shove my product down their throats. 

 Facebook is for relationships, stop everything you are doing right now and learn how to connect with your audience



Does Facebook Even Matter?

31% of consumers say that they are using social media to browse new items to purchase and 78% of consumers say companies’ social media post impact their purchases.

That is huge!

Having a social media presence matters. Customers are SIX TIMES more likely to purchase a product if the product pages include pictures for social media. I could quote stats at you all day. Marketing has changed, even in small towns and being online does matter. 

But, that doesn’t mean that consumers are on Facebook to have your ads shoved down their throat. You need to have a social media presence but, you need to do it right.

Know who your target market is, know what they care about, and why they should care about you. Start sharing and creating the things that matter to them.  Treat your followers and potential followers as actual people and friends, not like just another sale and see your followers move from random strangers online to your favorite, loyal customers.Facebook and small business Facebook is for relationships, treat your follower as actual people and friends

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three for free, three free workshops for rural business owners


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